Monday, April 26, 2010

In case you were wondering WHY?

So now that I am a couple of posts in, I figure I should explain the point behind the blog. You see, I have been a closet writer since about middle school when I would write silly little stories (that I would somehow always misplace) and I have had one story floating about in my head for a long time now that i was writing bits and pieces of on scraps of papers and notebooks, and doing an occasional drawing for. My younger sister was visiting my house one day and started pestering me about all of them laying around not doing anything so she decided that I needed a deadline if it was ever going to get anywhere, so she picked one. December 31, 2020 is the day I have to be finished and hopefully published by. Notice the nice counter up there?^

But why a blog? you are asking, especially one with stuff other than writing stuff? Well this is my attempt to get back into the habit of writing on a daily basis, which I haven't actually done since November. Painting and drawing helps keep my creativity going while at the same time keeping me away from the other stuff i should be doing.

On another note, I found the first batch of kittens at the farm today! I knew we had some, but didn't know where they were and then bossman took some hay out and BOOM! there they were. We have at least one more batch somewhere too since big mama cat is skinny again today so I have more to keep an eye out for.

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