Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Busy Days

As you can see, keeping up on this lasted all of a week, but this week has been jam packed with stuff going on. We started out on Sunday picking more rocks at my in-laws farm. Monday ,hmm, well I can't remember Monday. Tuesday though, I remember Tuesday; there was cleaning with the skid steer, rock picking and then a trip up to the Clover leaf lakes to go fishing with Heidi (even though we didn't get so much as a bite, we had fun) and then back to work(more on Tuesday below). (Oh, now I recall, Monday was clean the whole dang house day.) Wednesday I mowed the lawn at work, which is a rather large lawn, but I'm glad I got it done because the weather has been terrible ever since then. And also on Wednesday some of my relatives came out from New York for a visit and will be staying with my parents until Monday, so I will be doing some visiting this weekend. Thursday was just plain unproductive, (well not entirely, I got some calf huts cleaned and drove skid steer some more, but nothing that isn't done every other day anyways.) .

And the biggest news of the whole week was the birth of my newest niece, Baby Lu, on Friday. Unfortunately there were complications and my sister in law is still in the intensive care unit, but is doing much better and is scheduled for release on Monday. We are all keeping her in our thoughts and hoping for a swift recovery. The worst thing about having a brand new niece, is that she lives in Italy so it will be a long time before I get to meet her!

So Wisconsin has the strangest weather in Spring this year. We went from high 70's last week back down to 30's and snow last night! (That's in Fahrenheit for the Europeans, so high 20's and back down to 0 in Celsius) Just as I put away all the cold weather gear too, so I am hoping it warms back up again soon since we just got about half of the corn planted and it needs to be warm for it to start growing.

Tuesday we had gorgeous weather all morning and afternoon, but as soon as I got back to work the sky clouded up , and started threatening to rain while I mowed the lawn, and then as soon as the last of the cows got into the barn the sky opened up and we had an awesome display of nature. It didn't last very long and then the sun came out and I was hoping to see a rainbow, but being stuck in the barn, this is the best view of it I could get.

And so that was this week. Crazy, and cold, and hopefully not repeated for a good long while.


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  1. well I sure hope u get to meet your new niece soon. She's already saying Moo!!! LOL


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