Sunday, May 2, 2010

Seeing Things In the Spots

It is generally agreed upon that milking can get a bit boring. It's pretty repetitive; wipe, strip, milk, dip, wipe, strip,milk, dip( you get the idea, right?) So it should come as no surprise that the mind will wander far and wide as the cycle repeats and the imagination will take over.There is one thing about milking Holstein cows that makes them slightly more interesting than the others, and that is their spots. Most cows have boring spots, but last night there were a few that jumped right out at me including this shark (which is eating a swarm of fish, but since I took this on my cell phone, it's not as clear as it should be) on the back of a cow.

And then there was this dog jumping up to catch a piece of meat being dropped to him. Such an athletic dog to be hiding on a cows side!

Lastly, here we have a bunny rabbit standing next to a tree, no doubt searching for his hidey hole so that the dog doesn't come find him when his steak is done.

(actually there were two other cows that had cool spots, but the lady I was working with kept looking at me funny for snapping photos of cow spots. There was a hippo and another bunny (that was diving into his hole, clearly being chased).

And so that is my Sunday post and my housework is to be delayed since my husband has just called for me to go pick stones for the afternoon.


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  1. I'd love to see hippo...any chance of "spotting" it again?


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