Monday, July 26, 2010

Making Hats

Were you aware that I know how to crotchet? Well the evidence speaks for itself! These are two hats I made this week. There are only a few things that I have attempted to crotchet; hats, hot pads, and a scarf/hat combo. No two hats that I have made are alike, not even these two. One is little and probably only fits a small baby and the other is quite large, (it fits on my husbands huge head!).

I picked up a couple skeins of yarn in the clearance aisle the other day and pondered what to make and came to the same conclusion I always do, hats! So who wants a pointy-tip hat? and who has a baby that wants a pointy-tip hat?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Text Messages from Strangers

"Hey u know what i didnt look at ur page some ass face told me bout im sick of people telling me shit i dont wannna know thats why i deleted u i dont wanna care"

"Care. I hate that I love u so much. I dont want anyone 2 ever touch me the way u did ever. and i cant stand the thought of u touching someone else. I was fine"

"Fine 2day having a great day n this person told me this shit it pisses me off i dont wanna know. im sick of this crap."

This is a series of messages I received last night. There are a few things wrong with this, mainly just the bad text speak and the fact that I have no idea who this was. My response was fairly simple, "Okay, but who the hell is this?". There was no immediate response, so I also sent, "seriously, check the number before making emotional texts."

"Sorry, my bad.[,]"
was their response.

Haha! Really, you would think that someone would want to make sure of the number before making that kind of emotional statement.

It was a bit odd though, after I received that last message they asked for my number and said something to the effect of "who is this", which struck me as fishy since they were the one who started sending me messages and therefore were already using my number. I didn't respond to that and just laughed about it later when I got home. Could be fraudulent or something.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Since I haven't been doing much of anything interesting lately, besides spending way too much time on Blogger reading [and not posting], I have decided to do a post on what caused me to go insane.

In a word- H.P.A.N.A. (Well, technically, a bunch of words since it is an acronym, but I can't be bothered to count them.)

See, I have a mild Harry Potter obsession and googled it one day and found this website that promised to keep me up to date with the news involving Harry Potter (and the yet-to-beil the seventh book came out that I started trying to draw things. You see, someone died in that book and made me cry so i really wanted for that image to be around but no one had drawn it so I set about doing it. The result is at the beginning of this post, and not so very good,but it made me start drawing again (something I loved to do in first grade when I sat next to a kid name Paul and we drew bats and ghosts all the time).

So of course I did other parts that I liked,< Mrs.Figg being a favorite of mine,( I was told that I drew her like the queen. I agreed) and they got a bit more complete and complex, at least that is my opinion.

(have you all wandered away from boredom yet?I did, and got some ice cream ,yum! [Oh Come on, it's 84 flippin degrees out and my fan is pointed at my writing chair, not my typing chair!])

For some odd reason I decided that I needed a sketch book and that the construction paper wasn't good enough for me anymore, so I went off to Wal-Mart and got some fancy paper and pencils and started drawing all sorts of stuff. I must say, there hasn't been much by way of improvement, but it is still fun.

But that's not what made me start blogging and showing stuff to other people.

Painting did.

So I will post the first painting that I did, which I still like. For some reason I want people to see what I paint, and sometimes I write things to go with them so I want them to read that too. So I suppose that is why I started this crazy thing called blogging, but so far I have only been talking about cows and work, which is a bit annoying.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Things I learned on our Misadventure

Things I learned on a floating/ trudging/ swiiming adventure down the Oconto River...

1. There is an Oconto River.

2. It runs through Pulcifer.

3. It likes to eat blow up rafts.

4. A three hour floating trip will take four and a half hours when the last quarter is walked/ trudged/ swam.

5. Crayfish larger than three inches long wil attack people when disturbed.

6. Beer does NOT function as sunscreen.

7. Always carry spare rafts if the average popping rate is two /trip and there are only two people on the trip.

8. Heidi floats faster than me without a raft (but I float faster with one).

About myself...

9. I am a compulsive time checker( i found this out after my time-telling device stopped working)

10. I don't like things touching me while I am in water (any water).

11.I still don't know if I know how to tread water.

12. I am more than happy to get dressed in a Wal-Mart parking lot so I can run in and buy a new pair of shoes rather than driving all the way home to get the forgotten pair (to be fair I needed new barn boots anyways, never mind the brand new pair sitting at home).

13. After trudging for a mile and a half over slick, loose rocks, suddenly looming boulders (okay, so not LOOMING, those we saw in Arizona, but unexpected boulders), and uneven terrain, I PANIC easily...

14. BUT I recognize it for what is is and talk myself down.
and finally...

15. I will apparently follow Heidi to my doom some day (as she chases down her escaping beer [ that stuff cost her money! Can't let it just go away]).

Happy fourth of July! Don't have any misadventures without me!