Monday, July 26, 2010

Making Hats

Were you aware that I know how to crotchet? Well the evidence speaks for itself! These are two hats I made this week. There are only a few things that I have attempted to crotchet; hats, hot pads, and a scarf/hat combo. No two hats that I have made are alike, not even these two. One is little and probably only fits a small baby and the other is quite large, (it fits on my husbands huge head!).

I picked up a couple skeins of yarn in the clearance aisle the other day and pondered what to make and came to the same conclusion I always do, hats! So who wants a pointy-tip hat? and who has a baby that wants a pointy-tip hat?


  1. Dobby!!! It reminds me of *sobs* Dobby! Oh, I absolutely LOVE it! Love love love it! Wish I could crotchet (if nothing else, for the innuendo).

  2. Teehee, Dobby would have loved them, plus they both would fit him!
    Crotchet is fairly easy actually, basically just tying knots.

  3. Lucy will look cute in a pointy hat like this one
    I'd love to learn to crochet and knit too....*sighs*

  4. I ended up making a pointy tip hat for my younger one. The wee day year old baby did not look unlike Arthur Weasley in it :-(
    Your hats are way better than mine.


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