Thursday, July 8, 2010

Since I haven't been doing much of anything interesting lately, besides spending way too much time on Blogger reading [and not posting], I have decided to do a post on what caused me to go insane.

In a word- H.P.A.N.A. (Well, technically, a bunch of words since it is an acronym, but I can't be bothered to count them.)

See, I have a mild Harry Potter obsession and googled it one day and found this website that promised to keep me up to date with the news involving Harry Potter (and the yet-to-beil the seventh book came out that I started trying to draw things. You see, someone died in that book and made me cry so i really wanted for that image to be around but no one had drawn it so I set about doing it. The result is at the beginning of this post, and not so very good,but it made me start drawing again (something I loved to do in first grade when I sat next to a kid name Paul and we drew bats and ghosts all the time).

So of course I did other parts that I liked,< Mrs.Figg being a favorite of mine,( I was told that I drew her like the queen. I agreed) and they got a bit more complete and complex, at least that is my opinion.

(have you all wandered away from boredom yet?I did, and got some ice cream ,yum! [Oh Come on, it's 84 flippin degrees out and my fan is pointed at my writing chair, not my typing chair!])

For some odd reason I decided that I needed a sketch book and that the construction paper wasn't good enough for me anymore, so I went off to Wal-Mart and got some fancy paper and pencils and started drawing all sorts of stuff. I must say, there hasn't been much by way of improvement, but it is still fun.

But that's not what made me start blogging and showing stuff to other people.

Painting did.

So I will post the first painting that I did, which I still like. For some reason I want people to see what I paint, and sometimes I write things to go with them so I want them to read that too. So I suppose that is why I started this crazy thing called blogging, but so far I have only been talking about cows and work, which is a bit annoying.


  1. Mooo! I'm glad to see a blog from you, Maria! At first I thought that first picture was Harry carrying YOU, symbolizing how he'd caused your insanity, but then I realized it was poor Dobby... though I still like my interpretation...

    And I've always loved that pic of Mrs. Figg beating Dung with the catfood cans... and your goat...

  2. Maria! Thanks for following! I had no idea you had a blog, but I am really looking forward to seeing more from you. Especially paintings. :)

  3. Hey you guys! Thanks for visiting!
    Tami- Lol, that wasn't what drove me insane. It just pushed me over the edge. I too, love the Figg picture which is why I chose to include it. :)

    Amy- Yup, started a couple months ago and then let it slide. Probably be a while before I get more paintings posted since I put my paints away for the summer, but maybe I will find a place to put the older ones.
    Thanks for following!

    I had a whole other paragraph or maybe two, but they seem to have been eaten, and I can't edit without causing errors. *needs a nerd*

  4. Is that Dobby that Harry is cradling?

    And Mrs. Figg is one of my favourite characters. I remember doing a fan-fic on her once using one of those monthly prompts. Must try and dig it out.

  5. *sobs for Dobby* Noooooo, JKR, how COULD you?!?

    With only 3827 days left to your book launch, I think it is great that you are looking back to your (our!) roots ;)

  6. Been a HP obsessed myself, I must say I love your drawings. That first one reminds me of the one Malfoy gives to Harry in class: Harry playing quidditch under the rain being hit by lightning. I believe it's "Prisoner of Azkaban" movie...


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