Saturday, July 17, 2010

Text Messages from Strangers

"Hey u know what i didnt look at ur page some ass face told me bout im sick of people telling me shit i dont wannna know thats why i deleted u i dont wanna care"

"Care. I hate that I love u so much. I dont want anyone 2 ever touch me the way u did ever. and i cant stand the thought of u touching someone else. I was fine"

"Fine 2day having a great day n this person told me this shit it pisses me off i dont wanna know. im sick of this crap."

This is a series of messages I received last night. There are a few things wrong with this, mainly just the bad text speak and the fact that I have no idea who this was. My response was fairly simple, "Okay, but who the hell is this?". There was no immediate response, so I also sent, "seriously, check the number before making emotional texts."

"Sorry, my bad.[,]"
was their response.

Haha! Really, you would think that someone would want to make sure of the number before making that kind of emotional statement.

It was a bit odd though, after I received that last message they asked for my number and said something to the effect of "who is this", which struck me as fishy since they were the one who started sending me messages and therefore were already using my number. I didn't respond to that and just laughed about it later when I got home. Could be fraudulent or something.


  1. *snickersnort* Oh Maria. You have all the fun. Seems this isn't your first text drama--am I right? I LOVE the 'Sorry, my bad," Yeah, ye think?

  2. It's probably the same one you are thinking of, I was just slow about posting this. But I do get a strangely high number of wrong-number texts for some reason.

    I just look at it as a personal sort of soap opera with different players coming and going throughout the years!

  3. my mum gets those too...hilarious me thinks! LOL


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