Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gnome Man's Land

This weekend I took a trip back to New York with my family for my Grandfather's funeral. He died at the age of ninety-three, but you can't feel too bad for the guy since he lived in his own home his whole life, right up to until the last two weeks of his life. That's not too shabby.

And since it has been a few years since I have been out there, I got to visit with a few relatives.

There's no place like gnome... or Gnomeland, as we took to calling my uncle's house. ( My sister-in-law wanted to call it Gnomeville, but that's just not proper gnomenclature)

My uncle got married shortly before I did to a nice lady who has an extensive collection of gnomes. The photo above is merely the tip of the iceberg that greets you as you pull into the drive. Lining the driveway, all the way to the back yard, are these yellow faces and watering can signs.

Very welcoming.

Gnome is where the heart is...

Upon entering the house, after passing a ferocious looking fellow holding an axe, you are greeted with wall upon wall of gnomes.

I asked Janet which was her favorite gnome, and she couldn't pick just one. Just don't ask what the difference is between a gnome and an elf, because you are likely to get an etymology lesson

Home is where the gnome is...

and these gnome on the back fence have a lot of pets.

A house isn't a home without a gnome...

and I really like this saucy fella! I think I am going to try and do a portrait of him one of these days!

When in gnome...
play with the woodland creatures!


  1. Great post - but almost gnome-ension of elves?
    I enjoyed this a lot.

    Have a nice day, Boonsong

  2. I received the same pics in the mail today....fantastic!!!

  3. Boonsong: Thank you! Unfortunately, any elf that crosses the threshold into Gnomeland is subject to a cruel fate. They are horribly maimed and disfigured until their pointy ears are completely filed down to round tops.

    Miriam: Hi! Who was sending you pics? I have so many more, maybe even enough for a whole story about gnomes!

  4. This is definitely the gnomest blog post I have ever read! I wasn't a gnome person until I saw "Amélie". Then I realized the gnome potential. Now I want one!

    By the way - did you know that the Norwegian word for gnome is gnom? Like sensible people, however, we cut the silent e and pronounce the g. So it all makes sense here...

  5. ...and now I just felt very insensitive. I also meant to say sorry about your loss. I guess the gnomes got the better off me. Grandparents are precious things. I have two left myself.

    It is great that he was able to live in his own house for so long, though. My grandfather recently had to leave his house (though he keeps hoping he can go back - none of us can see how that would happen since he is suffering from increasing dementia), and my grandmother (on the other side) is barely managing hers.

  6. Hey Mari! I'm not sure that Gnom make more sense than Gnome, but either way it is fun to say.

    Don't feel too insensitive, I didn't put much emphasis on his passing, it's kinda odd talking about it in a public forum for me. He was my last grandparent.
    I hear you on the not taking care of home thing, we usually had to do a bit of a scrub down whenever we went out for a visit with him.
    Thanks for popping in!


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