Saturday, August 21, 2010

Un-motivated Moping

I have a bunch of stuff that needs to be done.

Poor Herbert may never get the rest of his story onto since Ola is nearing the last ten thousand giraffes or so.

Sloan, the littlest hot-headed gnome is still stuck at home just waiting for his adventure to see the sea.

And I just can't find the ambition to type the second poem into the computer so I can get going with the translation.

And lastly, I can't seem to get the motivation to draw a picture (or search one down) to go with my latest attempt at a drabble ( which could actually use some re-working) :

Don’t mind me; I’m just hiding in your bushes, looking in your windows. I like what you’ve done with the curtains, very fluttery. Why do you insist on baking at eleven-‘o-clock, shouldn’t that be done in the morning? I don’t mind, really, your new apron hardly does its job of protecting your delicate bits.

I am so glad a nudist moved into the neighborhood, it was so boring here before; nothing to look at but wrinkly men and old women past their prime.

Oops, was that a branch I just broke?

“Who are you?!”

“Just your friendly neighborhood Peeping Tom?”


  1. Haha, I love that drabble. Actually, I have an idea for a picture you might use... This one (don't ask why...) I think a certain drabble judge wouldn't mind a nudist participant next week... ;)

    Also I want to know the rest of Herbert's tale (tail?) - no matter if he becomes one in a million or not (of course I'd greatly like him to be - hurry, hurry!)

  2. Okay, "this one" was supposed to be a link, but I guess that didn't work so well...

    Here, then:¨

  3. I do like how it turned out after I changed the ending, and have sent it along with another one to the nudist in question.

    Herbert's tale( maybe it is a tail? I may never know)has had a few pages added. One got rejected and I am hoping the updated version gets accepted so his whole journey will be on record. It is still not finished yet, he still has a few stops to make along the way, and one short(or maybe not so short) flight.

  4. You grabbed my attention as soon as you mentioned the word 'nudist', and that's the naked truth.
    Thanks for an enjoyable post.

    All the best, Boonie


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