Wednesday, September 22, 2010

October's plan

Well since it is well established that I like to join in things that are designed to get you in gear with writing by setting deadlines and goals, even if I never seem able to keep up or finish, I have gone ahead and signed up to blog every day in October.

But I have a PLAN! Yes I do. You see, I have a long history with animals, and there have been many in my life so I will do the simplest thing and dedicate each week of October to a different species, and hopefully make it all the way to the end. So get ready for old photos of cats, sheep, dogs, and cows. And watch out for the paintings of goats, pigs, and yes, cows too.

Some content may be recycled from my Facebook notes, just so you know.

Now let me see if I can do some links to the person hosting the event...
Sure, NotHannah seems to be the poster at NaBloWriMo.

And Also Big NEWS! My twin sister has started her own blog! It is Zee cast and she has blogged about crocheting, something I have tried to teach her, which is pretty exciting to me. Check her out!


  1. Yay - that sounds like a great plan. NaBloWriMo is great for getting into proper blogging gear. And how in the world did I not know you have a TWIN?!? (Is this the good twin/evil twin variety, or are we talking actual twins?)

  2. Weeeelll, she is KINDA evil, but she really is my twin. And born first unfortunately.

    And I am actually getting excited about this blog-a-day thing! Just finishing up the dairy-robics post, and then I plan to start plotting next month out.

  3. I do look forward to the goats- lots and lots of them ;-)

    And will check out your sister's blog. I love crochet.

  4. Okay fine, you aren't evil. I'm the evil twin for saying my twin is evil.

    Oh do Rayna! Her hats are so pretty, not plain like mine are. And there shall be a whole week dedicated to the goats!


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