Friday, October 22, 2010

Fantastic Facts Friday - Dogs

Facts about dogs:(remember to highlight behind the fact to see if it is true and a source)

Fact one: Some breeds of dogs have feathers. (TRUE! The long hair along the bottom of the tail is known as the feathers.)

Fact two: Dog size varies greatly depending on breed, ranging from a few inches tall, to three feet tall.(TRUE! The Irish Wolfhound can reach a height of three feet tall at the withers)


  1. That first one made me giggle for reals. I imagine a Golden Retriever with a lovely plumage now, and little wings to go with it. Or, not a Retriever, perhaps - naturally it has to be a bird dog! A setter with wings and feathers, awww! ;)

    Still love the organization of your blog this month, Maria, though my comment time has dropped to an all-time low :(

  2. :)
    I thought that little tidbit would go over well.

    I think I may keep some of the theme days a permanent thing, just not as often. I really like doing Wednesdays and Thursday, but I haven't been putting enough energy into them to make them good.

    Don't worry too much about commenting, sure I enjoy them, but then I am stuck with figuring out how to reply, and conversation isn't even in my strong-point handbook.


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