Friday, October 15, 2010

Fantastic Facts Fridays - Cows

Facts (maybe!) about cows. To see the source and answers highlight next to each 'fact'.

Fact: Today's farmers can milk a hundred cows an hour or more compared to only six before the advent of milking machines. (TRUE : Kid's Corner)

Fact: Holstein cows are the oldest breed and were developed in the Swiss Alps.  (FALSE! Brown Swiss are the oldest breed and are still raised there.
Fact: A cows Rumen can hold as much feed as a large garbage can. (TRUE! You'll have to take my word for it, since that is something I learned at college and can't be bothered to find a link supporting it.)


  1. Fascinating facts. But most of all I love the photo. Did you take it?

    Have a nice day, Boonie

  2. Boonie: Yes, I took that photo two years ago at my friend Heidi's workplace. It is her calf, plus she is a Brown Swiss( my favorite!), so I had to take her picture. She even posed nicely for me.

    Aleta: Crazy, huh? It takes a lot of feed to keep a cow happy and full!

  3. Brown Swiss are gorgeous animals. My first cow close encounter was on the beautiful Italian Dolomites mountains when I was about 11...there were a few brown swiss eating the greenest grass I've ever seen and drinking the purest water I've ever tasted. It was gorgeous.

  4. That sounds like the best memory ever. Even better with Swiss!


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