Sunday, October 17, 2010

Miscellaneous Weekends - Fish

Joy tells me I should be doing a post about fish, one fish in particular, but I will get to him in a moment.
I had some fish once. My very OWN fish that I bought. They were betas and they were very pretty. They didn't last very long though, so that was the end of my owning of fish.

After all of her children left the house( for marriages and college), my mother got goldfish. For a while they didn't last very long, dying off every few months, but then she got a couple of fish for cheaper than the pet store at Walmart, and lo, they lasted a long time! One even lasted for a couple of years, getting so big that he needed his own tank! But that isn't the fish we are here to talk about.

Bubba is. I assume Joy won him at a fair or carnival, that's where most of the goldfish in my life have  come from. In her own words, " Bubba was a well traveled fish, going across the state of Wisconsin more times than any fish has any business doing!" . He lived in a pickle jar, you know, the really big ones full of really big pickles. That's pretty much all that I know about his story.

And so, I leave you with a drawing of a fish. I suspect I was working on drawing shadows, and that this started out with the rock in the bottom corner. 


  1. actually Bubba was a beta that we got at wal-mart to replace the goldfish that died a few weeks after I won it at the fair. He lived for like 3 years though!

  2. Amazing! Wasn't he a black Beta?


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