Sunday, October 3, 2010

Miscellaneous Weekends - Poultry

Chickens and Ducks
In high school I had a couple of chickens. One was a Barred rock rooster(pictured at right) that, in all my creativity, I named Pollo (pronounced Poy-o), which is Spanish for rooster. The other was a black Australorp hen that I named Gallo (pronounced Guy-o), which is Spanish for (you guessed it!) hen.

Pollo was really mean as far as chickens go, and came to a sticky end after attacking my brother while he was doing chores one time when we were all away. The chicken used to terrorize my father, which considering how much he dislikes birds, was not a good thing. He was lucky to survive as long as he did.

Gallo , which I can't find any pictures of, came from my friend's house. I was over practicing my shooting and when I got into my car to go home, there was a chicken in my backseat! So I took her home and she became friends with Pollo. Actually he terrorized her too; he was forever trying to mate with her and actually managed to yank all of the feathers out of her back. Poor bird. I don't really remember what ever became of her.
Duck Pond
Ever since i can remember my sister has had an obsession with ducks. She started out with a duck decoy that she found when she was really little and moved on to collecting other figurines until eventually she talked her way into buying one at the fair one year.

She asked mom if she could have a duck, and mom probably said no, but she went ahead and spent the five dollars and brought home a duck in a cardboard box anyway. Apparently he kept poking his head up to peek around on the car ride home so she named him Goofy.

It was actually because of my little sister that we ended up with a whole flock of ducks on the farm. Her fifth grade teacher found a nest of eggs and brought them into class for the students to learn about, but then when the school year was done the five young ducks came to our house to live and eventually we had about twenty ducks flying around.
The last duck disappeared this summer or spring and I think my Dad will miss them the most, since he always searched out the eggs and had them for breakfast.

And to tie the weekend together, here is a picture from a long time ago, of our chickens and sheep living peacefully together.

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  1. I don't recall bringing home ducks in fifth grade? Are you sure?

  2. Wasn't it your teacher? the one from Sugar bush, maybe you had him, but not in the same year as the ducks?

  3. The five ducklings came from Lincoln elementary school we saw an ad in the paper and then we went and picked them up. Oh and I ducks when we lived in Hamilton, there were three pekins.

  4. when did we live in Hamilton? Before I was born? Where is that even? lol

  5. was that not the name of the place we lived when we went to school in Pine Valley?

  6. you guys moved too much! LOL
    ANyways loved the pond peaceful. I want to have chickens. But there is a law here that you cannot keep them in the city...such a shame.

  7. Zita you are thinking of Hamlet, also known as South Dayton, or Pine Valley.

    That's too bad Miriam, maybe you should move out to the country so you can have all kinds of critters that you want!


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