Saturday, October 2, 2010

Miscellaneous Weekends- Sheep

Since today is a miscellaneous day, I am going to go ahead and tell you guys about one of my earliest memories showing sheep at the fair.

   I must have been only seven or eight years old, probably not even old enough for 4-H yet and showing a big breeding ewe (or at least that's how I remember it. Possibly it was a market lamb). In the photo to the left, I am around 8 or 9 years old and that sheep is probably twice as heavy as I  was, and the one I remember showing was bigger and stronger and I was a year or so smaller. I don't know whose idea it was (probably mine, I bet I was all excited and everything) to let a 70 pound kid take a 160 pound sheep into the show ring, but doesn't that just scream disaster waiting to happen?

I suppose someone had told me to "hold on tight, don't let it get away!" before I entered the ring, and I took those words to heart.

I held tight as I walked her around the circle for the judge to see.

I held tight as I pulled her into the line with all the others.

I held on tight when the judge walked along behind and groped the flanks of my sheep( this is possibly why it was a market lamb).

I held on super tight when my sheep started jumping around in line trying to get away.

I help on really hard when my sheep left the line and made for the far exit.

I held on as hard as I possibly could when my feet flew out from under me despite being pulled along beside my sheep.

I even held on tight when I slipped underneath my sheep's belly and was dragged along, clinging to her neck.

I'm pretty sure I let go when my dad stopped my sheep and helped me back into line.

As you can see in the photo on the  right, by the time I was in high school I had grown a good deal and had no problem controlling my sheep. I'm pretty sure that lamb's name was Bob and also that year I didn't do all that great. He probably got a pink.

And lastly for the showing stuff, a bunch of photos from my years of showing sheep. I have no idea which years these are.

So I leave you now with a painting of a sheep.(try to ignore the fact that I went ahead and ruined it by adding too many sunbeams)


  1. Love the sheep! I know you eventually graduated to cows, but there is something endearing about the sheep, especially when they are snuggling up to you in these pics. And I like seeing you at different ages too.

    And of course you know I am fond of your paintings. That is one sunny sheep :)

  2. Thanks Cruella! Actually I had sheep pretty much right through the end of my showing career right alongside my cows. I would like to get another sheep sometime though, since they are so full of awesome.

  3. In the group pic u posted one of the sheep (2nd from right) seems to be wearing a snug it?

  4. Yup, that is some sort of spandex cover thingy that keeps their wool clean and tighten up the muscles.


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