Friday, October 1, 2010

The Plan

Since I have to blog everyday this month, I have set up a schedule and each week will follow a pattern.

Miscellaneous Weekends- these are set aside for the critters that don't have enough fodder for a whole week on their own, but I want to include anyways.

Reminiscing Mondays- I look back at the week's critter in question , i.e. a special pet from when I was little.

Today's Tuesdays- my current bond with the current critter in question, i.e. the special pet that is biting me now.

Artwork Wednesdays- A drawing, painting, or sketch will feature the current critter in question, i.e. a cow during cow week, a goat during goat week, etc..

Story time Thursdays- These will be either short stories I have made up involving the critter, or a funny story from when I was little. Or possibly poetry , depends on my mood.

***Fantastic Facts Fridays- I will present a fact or two in regards to the critter of the week, and you will have to decide if it is a 'fantastic fact' (fake) or a real fact.

So I hope this sounds like it will be interesting, and that I stick with it. Otherwise my deviations could be more or less boring than what is planned.

*** NOTE: This is a change from the original plan, after boring myself trying to come up with something to post.***

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  1. Oh, great plan!

    'the critter that is biting me now' *snort* Love it!

    Love the goats!


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