Monday, October 4, 2010

Reminiscing Monday - Goats

It all started with my brother wanting a goat. My parents gave in and got him two kids from a family friend.They were Chewy and Sassy. Sassy was a Nubian (Floppy ears and brown /white) and Chewy was an Alpine(Straight ears, white and black/brown/tan).
Climbing Trees
Eventually we got more goats, I bought an Alpine with mom called Daisy and her kids were mine. Her first one was Violet.
My sisters have pointed out that my memory is faulty, so this may or may not be how things began. I wanted to find some more pictures of the goats, but I couldn't locate them when I was at  mom's house the other day. So I will just leave you with some more pictures of goat kids climbing on things.


  1. Awww, they are adorable! I've only had cats, dogs, fish as pets. Never a goat. My Dad was a country boy growing up and he used to have hogs as pets :)

  2. You're kidding me.... Only joking.
    Great photos - especially the goat and human up a tree!
    Amusing post. Thanks.

    All the best, BOonie

  3. Hogs! Must have been those potbellied pigs that some people keep in their houses (unless he is like my sister and refers to the pigs in the barn as pets)

    Thanks for stopping by Boonie and Aleta!


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