Monday, October 25, 2010

Reminscing Monday - Cats

Ed wants something...
If you were thinking that I've had a lot of pets over the years, you only have half the picture.You are missing the feline section.

Since I don't have pictures of (all of) our early cats, you will have to suffice with knowing their names;

For the olden day cats, there was: Fluffernutter (big maincoon, bobtail looking thing), April (the bendy cat), Puffy (long haired Siamese),

For the slightly less olden day cats there was: Ed,   Snowshoes, Peter, Pumpkin, Button, Zipper, Tito, Tyro,

And the still even slightly less olden days cats: Frodo, Alan, Addy, Summers Dream,Greta,

And finally the assorted barn cats that had names; Cali, Sunny, Sammi, Taily,
Snowshoes, Peter, Zipper
Some of our cats were really special and went to a cat show in Wausau, the Household pet show, held annually in October. I showed my cat Zipper, who lost a leg in a hay-cutting accident. He did remarkably well due to his sweet disposition and bright outtake on life despite his missing appendage.

So that is all for today, unless you would like me to dig up MORE photos of cats.

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  1. I have a cute pic of Ed wearing my scarf and poor Zipper scratching the kitty litter with his missing leg...


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