Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Today's Tuesdays - Cats

Isn't Gizzy cute, all cuddled up with her sock?

But watch out, she is EVIL!


  1. Haha - with her sock?!? I've heard about the cat in the hat, but the cat with the sock was new to me ;) Very pretty (if evil), though :)

  2. Yeah... cat in the hat has been done... cat in a sock, not so much... She is gorgeous! I lover her tufty neck--our dog has that and it just gives them a ton of character.

  3. 1) No, I really don't find her that cute.
    2) Why don't you have a full body shot of her? The world deserves to know what the complete Gizzy looks like!

  4. Mari and Tami: Hehe, youo guys crack me up. She carries her a sock around in her mouth like a kitten and chirps to it like a mommy cat sometimes, usually when she hasn't gotten enough cuddling.
    Her hair isn't quite as glorious as it should be right now, since I shaved her over the summer in an effort to get rid of her fleas more efficiently, so less pretty now.

    Joy: 1)Well maybe you should get your eyes checked.
    2)I was feeling lazy, and not in the mood to wait all afternoon for a second picture to load.


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