Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November 10 - *Zzzzz*

I am beat. Seriously, the past couple weeks have been exhausting. NaNoWriMo has been delegated to the back burner for now, I haven't even typed a word on it since Monday morning, I've just been taking notes on random brainwaves in a little notepad while at work.

Speaking of work, yesterday I did something that I have never done before; unload gravity boxes full of corn into the grinder. Yeah. It didn't start out so well. I helped the boss set everything up, then he turned everything on to make sure the blower was blowing, the grinder grinding, the elevator elevating (It wasn't at first, he had the hydraulics switched), then pulled in with the first load. He got everything spinning at speed, and then casually nodded at me, indicating that I could open the door. So I innocently crank the door open half a crack, letting the smallest trickle of corn come out (I'm cautious like that, stuff tends to go horribly wrong around me), and then the boss wandered off, leaving me to stand next to the wagon, alone, when it went horribly wrong.

There I am, first time ever left alone filling a silo, and the tractor running the grinder equipment snubs out. I, of course, slam shut my tiny crack, and say "Oh crap, what have I done now." The boss came hurrying back, not sure what has happened, hoping maybe he can just rev the tractor up and force out a blockage, so he fires it up and tries, but I have to stop him because I smell a burning belt. That's about the time the neighbor guy walked up and started helping.

We ended up taking off a third of the guards on the thing hoping to be able to turn out the plug by hand, but after an hour I realized that after all of our turning we should have seen something come out of the auger by now, so we took off another guard, pulled off a chain and a gear sprocket, just to find that we were missing a key.Heaven only knows where it went, 'cuz it was nowhere to be found, luckily we have a stash of them for just such cases. After that it was just a matter of turning the auger until all of the corn I put in, (about a bushel and a half) came out the blower end, and then putting all of the guards back on.

Then the three of us stood there and watched the corn go in for three loads or so before the boss went off in search of his tires from Pomp's Tire Service (They actually lost one), and the neighbor guy wandered off to do something else, leaving me to do the last one (which was heaping full) all by my lonesome. Nothing went wrong with that one! But then it was time for chores, and our quick project ended up taking all day long.

Today we have more 'quick projects', but I have a feeling they will take just as long.

Happy Farming, Moo.

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  1. Urgh! Somehow I think heavy machinery mucks up with me, too--we might share that. Sorry it was such a hassle and I hope you have some writing time again, soon!


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