Monday, November 1, 2010

November First - Grrrr....

It's the first day of November, and therefore NaNoWriMo, so what does my boss decide? That today would be the PERFECT day to start working on the barn cleaner chain. There goes my word count.

I got 44 words down quickly last night before bed after reading through the first half of the book that I wrote last year. It was better than I remember it was, and I didn't hate it. I am feeling refreshed on the plot, and my characters aren't bugging me any more with suckiness, so that's good. And I have managed to force out a few hundred more words on my lunch break(right now, in case you were wondering), and should pass the daily goal after chores tonight since I have the house to myself.

Now I have a request for some people to read through it for me and answer some questions so I can see if I am still on track with it and better able to answer the necessary questions in the second half that I may have missed in the first half. (The genre is young adult, fantasy)  Anyone interested let me know, preferably not someone doing NaNo as well, since it is a time squeeze. Thanks.
(p.s.; There are dragons...)


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