Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Creative Pursuits

What does one do with a stack of empty barrels that are sitting around attracting weeds? The only thing you can do, make something out of them! With the help of my dad, I spent more hours than I thought i would, and made a home for some heifers.

We cut the barrels in half (thankfully the seam ran along exactly where  we wanted to cut) and then bolted them back together to form three panels two high. Then after putting it off for a couple of days I bolted them together to form a horseshoe shaped wall of barrels.

mostly finished, just missing the back part of the roof, and the seals for the cracks.
I intended to simply bolt a board across the top of the front to hold the sides in and to have something to anchor the roof to, but that failed when I tried to shift it slightly and the plastic cracked, and then the bolts pulled out. I ended up bolting some vertical stakes to the inside and then screwing some boards across the top to stabilize the whole thing. For the roof we used the back off of an old chopper wagon that they tore apart last year, and I still need to add a bit of plywood to the back part where the tin didn't quite reach. But for now it is buried under a bunch of snow, so it will have to wait until the need for it becomes desperate and/or thaws out enough on a day when I have the time to get to it again.

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