Friday, December 31, 2010

Doing the touristico thing

Yesterday we went out and did the tourist thing and went to see a cave called the Grotte di Pastena, where I took plenty of pictures, but none turned out all that interesting.

This was by far the best one.

And we saw a couple of cows on the way back...

In the afternoon we went to see the Split mountain that is also called the Turkish Grotto , and is said to have split when Jesus died on the cross, and the mountain turned to marshmallow.

It was really cool, even though the steps nearly killed me( not really, but there were nearly five hundred of them).


  1. Guy and I got married in that Church of the split mountain...

  2. You take lovely photos. You've even made the cow look good.

    Happy New Year to you, from Boonie

  3. Miriam: Guy showed us the church and it is very pretty, and a lot smaller than it looks in your wedding video.

    Boonie: Thank you! I think that it is harder to take a bad picture at some of these sights than it would be to take a good one since they are so very beautiful on their own. The cow is a brown swiss(my very favorite kind of cow), and therefor always pretty!

  4. Beautiful pics, I loved them!! The split mountain and cave look attractive... Came over from Boonie's blog...
    Enjoyed my stay here, have a happy new year:-)


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