Saturday, March 26, 2011

Grand opening!

I was going to hold off on opening my Etsy shop until E day, but I got excited and listed an item today!

My shop still doesn't have a Title, but the location  is,, and there is one item listed as of now. I will hopefully add more items, but for now use the coupon code ' grandopening' for free shipping. I am going to hold off on all that though, until I figure out some things first since I have no idea about some things.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Alphabetize Me!

I signed up for the A to Z blog challenge for April, so I will be posting everyday following the alphabet.

This means that I am now hoarding posts for next month, despite the fact that I have tried out new paints, and have a  few new paintings to share with you all.

Ah, what the heck, here's a pig for ya!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Lily and A contest

I have been thinking of making an Etsy shop to sell my paintings, and prints of them as well if I can find somewhere local to make them for me.

But I am awful at coming up with names for these sort of things, so I would like all of you to come up with a name for my shop, and the one that I pick will receive a prize!  I will send you the original painting of your choice (assuming of course that I still have it). Just put your suggestion in the comments of this post.

Which brings me to another request, does anyone know how the 'pages' thing works? I would like to have a page of all of the paintings I have posted on here.

And finally, a lily painting.

UPDATE: So I have been wandering around Etsy, registered, and apparently your username becomes your shop name, so no cool, catchy shop name. ): I am sad. But I am working on getting it set up now. In case anyone cared.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Eh, whatever

I don't always like the things that I paint, but I have learned that just because I don't like a painting, that doesn't mean that someone else won't like it. In fact, some of my least favorite paintings are the best received, so I post them anyway. This is one of those paintings, and I sorta want to paint over it.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Art lessons, sort of

Since I currently hate my life, I am doing something (not really) productive about it, and making an effort(sort of) to learn some actual art techniques. I bought a video game. I'm serious, I bought Art Academy for my Nintendo DS and I am using it to learn how to draw and paint according to 'the man'(Vincent, apparently).

I am up to level 5, and put what I have learned so far to use making a still life painting(despite not having any of these things in my house to look at) of an apple, an orange, and a sliced orange (a lime was used in the tutorial, I just used orange paint.)

In general I like it, but of course there are things that could be improved about this particular painting, for example the shadows are a bit too dark, the orange a mite-bit lopsided, and who has a purple kitchen?
 Also, I had to take a picture of my painting since it is too big for my scanner, and thus it turned out a bit darker than in real life, but overall it came out nicely.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Crappy day

Today pretty much sucked, so i painted to match my mood. The tree is from a while ago though.

And also, most of my paintings are for sale on and it would be awesome if you had a gander at them and buy any that you like. Or just ask me for the original if you really really want one.