Sunday, March 6, 2011

Art lessons, sort of

Since I currently hate my life, I am doing something (not really) productive about it, and making an effort(sort of) to learn some actual art techniques. I bought a video game. I'm serious, I bought Art Academy for my Nintendo DS and I am using it to learn how to draw and paint according to 'the man'(Vincent, apparently).

I am up to level 5, and put what I have learned so far to use making a still life painting(despite not having any of these things in my house to look at) of an apple, an orange, and a sliced orange (a lime was used in the tutorial, I just used orange paint.)

In general I like it, but of course there are things that could be improved about this particular painting, for example the shadows are a bit too dark, the orange a mite-bit lopsided, and who has a purple kitchen?
 Also, I had to take a picture of my painting since it is too big for my scanner, and thus it turned out a bit darker than in real life, but overall it came out nicely.


  1. I know at least three people who gladly would have a purple kitchen if they had a say in it...

    And don't hate your life! Hate whatever is causing the storm cloud to follow you around... (and try to remember that it is only a feeling. Storm clouds aren't personal, despite how we might feel... *hugs*)

  2. To each their own, I suppose.
    *Hugs* I hope your storm clouds from the last week haven't gotten you down.


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