Thursday, March 3, 2011

Crappy day

Today pretty much sucked, so i painted to match my mood. The tree is from a while ago though.

And also, most of my paintings are for sale on and it would be awesome if you had a gander at them and buy any that you like. Or just ask me for the original if you really really want one.


  1. I actually really really want one, (the cloud one is fantastic), but will have to hold out till I get back from Japan at least. But I'll be paying attention!

    And you're lucky, after all, that you can absorb sucky days in painting.

  2. Sorry about the crappy moment in your life. This storm shall pass...
    BTW, gr8 art!

  3. Hey Mari, just name the one you want, and it will have your name on it!

    Ciao Meia, Thnx!

  4. Really?! Yay! In that case I'd actually really like the storm cloud one. It reflects so well how I feel sometimes...

  5. Just shoot me an email when you are available with your info!


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