Saturday, April 2, 2011

B is for Beds and Backaches

Beds and Backaches
 I bet you are thinking that those two things combined mean that my mattress is uncomfortable, or lumpy, or too small for two people. In fact, my bed is a soft and comfy king size bed that makes me happy when I sleep.

In fact, I'm talking about my parent's new bed that they got today. It was tasked to me to supply the pickup truck to bring their new bed home, and then help heave the thing into the house. Then we assembled it and heaved the old one upstairs, leading to the backache. Why do mattresses have to be so dang heavy and awkward to move around?

(I don't have any bed pictures, well, I do have one, but it contains my hubby and no one wants to see THAT, so enjoy this sexy aligator in her bed!)


  1. what the hack kinda matress did they get? the ones I work with arent very heavy. Akward yes, they definitly are. I have a small backache today too. I guess I shouldn't have helped a guy lift his tool cabinet yesterday.

  2. Ha! Sexy aligator indeed!

    I had a struggle with a mattress a couple of months ago. It took about twenty minutes for me and the hubby to wrangle a mattress up a ladder and into the attic for my son. Nightmare!

  3. Loved your post. You are a good child. And Woot Woot on the Sexy Alligator.

    Be back to check in for letter C on Monday.


  4. Joy- it is a queen size with a memory foam pillow top.

    Tara- Gosh, I am so glad we didn't have to go as far as the attic, upstairs was bad enough!

    Lisa- (: I try, sometimes. Thanks for following!


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