Monday, April 4, 2011

C is for Communication (See me squirm)

Oh no, what have I done!? This is the thought that I have each time I join in on a group activity like bloghops, or month long daily blog-posting and the comments start appearing. An uneasiness forms as I try to think of a way to respond to the first comment, but then another shows up and it gets worse, so I put it off for a while. What is this uneasiness? Its my social retardation acting up again.

Conversations are not my thing
 You see, I am almost entirely incapable of carrying on a conversation with another human being for longer than a minute. I suck at it. One time I was at a party talking to a guy from my graduation class, and after the initial 'hey, hows it going, what'cha been up to?' phase of the conversation, he actually pointed out to me that, 'hey, now it's your turn to say something'. Yeah, I'm that bad. I don't like parties much for just that reason (the inevitable conversations, not his observation on my social skill).

While it is less intense in writing, I still find it difficult finding the right thing to type in response to comments. I think it has a lot to do with being a Libra, you know, seeing both sides of things, I tend to flip flop on my stance on things. I will say one thing, a comment makes a good point and I concede, but then along comes another comment that supports my original view, so then I am conflicted by two sides that both seem agreeable.
It is something that I am working on, and blogging is one way for me to improve (or at least develop) some conversation skill.

So please don't think I don't appreciate all the awesome comments you guys are leaving, 'cuz I really do, I love them all!


  1. From your posts I would never have thought that about you. Keep up the good work!


  2. Well, I'd never have guessed this about you! You do an awesome job of communicating online, so kudos to you. :)

  3. That's the great thing about blogging society. We can all learn from each other and usually giving differing opinions is not only acceptable but desired. You don't sound shy on your posts.

  4. That's the great thing about online, I can type it all up, and hit send, and then think about all the possible reactions. i have time to prepare thoughts!


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