Friday, April 8, 2011


I had an awful time thinking of something to write about since there are so many ways to go with it; gnomes, giraffes, gourmet food (as in my awesome stroganaff I made last night), Gossip ('He who gossips to you will gossip of you'), but none seemed to  fit right.

But then I remembered Gnome Gerome, a silly little series of poems and a story that I wrote three years ago and posted on HPANA's fanfiction forum.

Here they are:

Gnome Gerome
nibbled mums bum
now he's a piddle!


Gnome Gerome
nibbled Molly's Middle,
Now he's her pillow!


Gnome Gerome
tickled a toad,
now he's alone.


Gnome Gerome
nibbled his middle
and giggled!


Gnome Gerome
Wiggled his middle
and giggled!


  1. It was fun reading this. The story made me giggle.

    The Madlab Post

  2. I am happy that you you enjoyed it! It was fun remembering the silliness of them.


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