Saturday, April 16, 2011

N is for New

I got a new toy! Actually, so did the Hubbers, we each got a kayak while they were on sale so now we can paddle around separately. We have a 12 foot jon boat already, but when we go out together in it when we go camping at Hartman Creek and have to row (gas motors are not allowed) we get a bit cranky since he always likes to stare off into space, leaving all the heavy rowing to me. It gets a bit intense. Hopefully not being confined to the same boat will make being out on the water more enjoyable.


  1. I want one. Kayaking is so much fun.

  2. cool toy! kayaking sounds like lots of fun. i would go if i could only swim. :)

  3. Zita you should come for a visit this summer and go kayaking with me!

    nutschell- you don't need to swim unless you fall in! ANd besides, that's what life jackets are for.


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