Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pallet Knife Painting

I have been playing with my pallet knives again and came up with this lovely painting. I basically painted the canvas board black, let it dry, put on a swath of white, and then while it was still wet scratched the out line. I thought it looked pretty cool then, but then I made a boo-boo while painting something else, and dripped paint on it from something else. So I spread it around and used the flat side of my big knife to scrape it in good, added some different colors and blended them together. I like it! The pallet knife is my new favorite tool for painting!


  1. I'll definitely have to agree with you. My post for K was about these knives, I think they are great. Lovely to be here and see your work. Amanda

  2. Thanks for stopping by Amanda. I was looking at your blogs, and didn't see any posts past 'j', are the rest hiding from me, or do you have another blog somewhere?


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