Saturday, April 23, 2011

Telephone Call

 Minutes ago I received a phone call from my husband that was pretty funny. Here is a record of it;

[Me] hello?
[hubby] I was scraping shit and a cow snuck up behind me and bit me on the ass

[me] *lol* what? she bit you on the ass?

[hubby] yeah, she bit me on the ass. it didn't hurt much though.

[me] *rofl* really, she bit you on the ass!

[hubby] it hurt a little bit, but not now.

[me] *dies laughing*

[hubby] byebye then *click*


  1. you're funny.
    ah, life on a farm - nice to hear about =)
    happy t day and happy easter!

  2. Really - you had no choice but to laugh.

  3. How did he expect you to respond? There is not much funnier than getting a call about a cow biting a rear end!


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