Thursday, April 28, 2011


unfinished fanart painting for Xlormp
X is for Xlormp. Never heard of Xlormp? I feel bad for you, you should check it out.
What is Xlormp? Xlormp is the lead character in the funniest parody of the Twilight series, The Most Popular Book in the Whole World by Jessica Wagstrom. It originated on Live Journal, but is now available in print.

Why bring it up now, almost three years after it originally came up? Good question, imaginary blog reader. It's because I have stumbled up another book that deserves the same attention as Twilight does. You may recall (or maybe you don't, I didn't look to see if any one read that particular post) that I mentioned reading a new book called Tiger's Curse that I suspected had the romantic male lead role filled by a tiger. Well, I was correct. I am about halfway through  now, and my fears have been confirmed. It does indeed fit in the same category as Twilight, as in, could have been better written, gloomy main character (what is with these girls from the pacific northwest writing depressing girls into their books? It's not as if there are no happy, exuberant people that come from there[Exhibit A: The Watery Tart] [Exhibit B:(actually I only know one person from there)], animals become hunky men, and of course, that desperate need for sappy sweet love.

I didn't want to poke fun at tiger's curse because I kinda like it, and well, how would you feel if it was your first book and some random blogger started prodding it?


  1. Thanks for this very amusing post.

    All the best, Boonie

  2. I have actually never heard of it before, but anything that makes fun of Twilight I'm in for! I've actually been looking for things to read in the summer, so this is perfect. Thanks!


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